Thursday, January 12, 2012

Poems Of Love - A Ever-Lasting Fragment Of Mortal Life

There are many places that wedding poems could prove it useful. The poetry written by the new couple or others can appear in the wedding ceremony.

Invitations are also an ideal opportunity to use poems such as wedding invitation, the rehearsal dinner invitations, bridal shower invitations, or bachelorette and bachelor party invitations.

The extent of poetry formality depends on the purpose of events. For example, sonnets of Shakespeare are perfect for wedding invitation, while personal craft is wonderful for a party. Another amazing idea is to leave a wedding poem challenge to guests. An alternative to clinking glasses to give the bride and groom a sign to kiss could be to tell the guests that if they want to see kiss, they need to create their own wedding and love poem. This stimulates conversation, and unforgettable wedding memories. Lastly, speeches are a nice place to use poems. It is undeniable that poetry is memorable for listeners, especially to the new couple.

So how to create wonderful wedding poems? It takes lots of time, and great effort. Before composing, the purpose should be carefully considered. Make sure that the poem is related to the groom, the bride and wedding in general. After that, subject need to considered. Think of ideas and start. Poem is a an art and enforceable, so be natural. In terms of words used, find the suitable ones so that they are well-connected, powerful and meaningful. Delete words whose meanings are weak even if they are relevant. Rhyme and rhythm of lines are encouraged. Once the poems are done, try to read out loud to figure out some certain mistakes and correct them. You might change your words times and times till perfect.

poems of wedding

After that, wedding poems would be read during reception. But how to read them effectively? Poems about long-lasting love are often preferred by guests. No need to be too complicated, just keep it simple. Sincerity which originates from hearts and true feelings always works. Wedding poems should be naturally delivered. That’s why you should read slowly; let the listeners enjoy every single word. There are many reference sources. The Internet is perhaps the most useful one. However, great writers and poets in history should be appreciated also. In addition, lyrics of songs are ideal to make a harmonious poem, especially love songs which are suitable for the couple.

A Golden Cord ~ by Seema Chowdhury

wedding poems 1

A wedding is a golden cord
Which binds two people together

In a chain of care and love
From where they learn to gather

Hills of hope and coeans of joy
That are life's gift so rare

That teaches them to be happy
Wherever they may live dear

For a wedding is a binding strong
That puts a knott for two

That joins in golden cord of care
That emitts joy and love true.

The Way I Feel ~ by Jack Costin

wedding poems 3

The way I feel,
when I'm with you,
I forget my troubles,like there's just us two.

You make my heart,
beat fast and strong,
and you make me feel,
that I truly belong.

You fill the gaps,
inside my heart,
like I've finally found,
my missing part.

I sink in your eyes,
I'm warmed by your smile,
and the world is perfect,
just for a while.

You make life better,
than it used to be.
You are the sugar,
in my cup of tea.

Whenever you need me,
I'll always be there.
I'll be there to talk to,
I'll be there to care.

Because for you,
I would do anything.

Wedding bells are ringing ~ by Nick Kler

wedding poems 4

Wedding bells are ringing
Some where far away
Melting upon the horizon
A perfect shade of grey
Someone has been drinking
And crying the night away


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