Monday, January 9, 2012

Hold my hand

Hold my hand and I'm yours,
And your heart will stay close to mine,
For I know the sun must rise with the dawn,
And at night the stars must shine.
And the wind must wander the ocean
And sing with the waves of the sea;
Just so, I know, I'll be by your side,
And you will be wedded to me.

And you will be wedded to me, my love,
And I will be wedded to you;
For I know the tide must turn with the moon,
And the spring must return ever new.

And the sky must weep that the hillsides
May laugh in the green of their joy;
And the leaves must turn red, brown, and gold
That the earth might their riches employ.

And love like a mad, swollen hunger,
And love like an unending song,
And love like the silent pull of the Earth
Shall be with us all our lives long, my love,
Shall be with us all our lives long


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